What is Leadership Presence?

Leadership Presence is your ability to engage, connect, and influence in the workplace. It consists of nine skills that fundamentally impact your professional productivity and personal success. 

What’s your Leadership Presence Quotient (LPQ)?

Take a minute to find out where your strengths are and where you might want coaching support.

Who needs Coaching?

In my 15+ years of coaching, I’ve learned that even the most capable senior executives hit roadblocks. Their communication lacks impact. Their networks stagnate. Their initiatives fail to ignite.

When savvy professionals want to enhance their senior presence, they call on me.

Ora is truly a gem. She is thoughtful, a fantastic listener, and always strategic in her thinking. You couldn't ask for a better coach to help you think through the next steps in your career or how to cope with knotty situations in the workplace.

- R May Lee, Dean, School of Entrepreneurship Management at ShanghaiTech

What’s the Impact of my coaching?

My coaching increases your Leadership Presence Quotient, or LPQ. The higher your LPQ – the more respect, recognition, and reward you receive.

After working with Ora for only six months, I became more influential and visible within the company and was recently promoted to a more senior position.

– John Montgomery, COO, recently included in Adweek’s 12 Smartest Media Agency Execs


Executives who work with me have perceptible growth in engaging others, building powerful relationships, and championing initiatives.

The biggest change was in my executive presence and its positive impact on everyone around me.

– Kristie Feinberg, Corporate Treasurer, OppenheimerFunds

Executives who work with me are energized.

Ora in one word: Enrichment.

-Edmund Reese, VP, Chief Financial Officer, American Express

Executives who boost their Leadership Presence become more valuable and valued players in the workplace.

Ora helped me think strategically and increased the impact of my contribution.

– Andrea Moss, Executive VP, Zions Bank; Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Finance, Top 30 Women to Watch in Utah

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